Thursday, 1 May 2014

Shree Adinarayan Mandir (Sun Temple) at Parule -Maharashtra

Shree Adinarayan temple is  of Sun God and one of the few Sun temples in India, dedicated to this source of energy. 

This temple is  renovated in the recent past, has still preserved some parts of the ancient wood carvings, which were part of the Sabhamandap in the old temple. Lord Adinarayan in his majestic form oversees his devotees in stern but protective gaze, in the form of black stone statue.

AdiNarayan God



It is a tradition in Indian temples that whenever these temples are renovated and old idols are replaced with new ones, with pomp and ceremony, accompanied by chanting of Mantras, the old idols are taken out in procession and installed at base of a Pipal tree  in the same compound.


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  1. @Rakesh this post of yours is truly informative. I got to learn some new things about the Hindu culture. I really liked the way you have dealt with the subject in this article. You have also shared some beautiful pictures which make it informative.